Compression-Socks - a short description

You might have seen runners wearing knee length socks and wondered why they would use long socks. Other people describe them as football socks. Here are a few facts and a description of how they work.

The first myth is that they are simply tight fitting socks. They actually use Graduated Compression, which means in the case of socks there is tight compression at the ankle reducing gradually up the length and therefore low compression just underneath the knee.

This creates an increase in the flow of blood through the muscles, as any liquid will move from an area of high pressure to one of lower pressure. Isn’t this what happens when you turn on a water tap, and water flows?

This increase in blood-flow provides more oxygen to the muscles. This should allow you to improve your performance, providing you have trained to the required level of fitness. This is an obvious benefit to say marathon runners.

Don’t worry if you don’t run marathons, neither do I. The other main benefit is when they are used for recovery. Many people suffer from calf pain the day following exercise. Using compression socks helps to reduces or prevent this pain.


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