Dynamics Sports Supports

Dynamics Plus

The standard range of Dynamics Supports will meet the needs of the majority of users. However, there is the Dynamics Plus with additional features.

If you have special requirements, you may find that these advanced products will provide you with the solution you require.

They are available for the following

Ankle Plus

Elbow Plus

Knee Plus

Wrist Plus

Dynamics Supports for Sport

There are two main groups of people who require the assistance of a sport’s support.

Anyone with a temporary injury, needing help during their recovery.

For general help during activity due to a known weakness

The ARCUS brand of quality supports is well known for high quality products. This has now been updated and improved with the introduction of the Dynamics brand.

When you are selecting a support the following are probably the most important items to consider

Quality - In the simplest terms “will the support help you to recover quickly or perform better”. This may seem obvious, but not many people consider this carefully.

Comfort - You will not be able to give your best performance, if you are aware of the support all of the time. You should ask what features in the support improves your comfort.

Cost - There is always a relationship between price and performance. It is unlikely that you will obtain the best performance at a low cost. You should also consider how much a good quality support costs each time you wear it.